Best Episode Ever


The time zones were aligned and the audio streams crossed to bring you a new episode from the exile. Briskly, we breeze through the pop-cultural things that we experienced in the last two months.

The Rundown

  • we chat a lot about DC Universe’s Titans
  • Disney’s streaming service Disney+ got announced
  • Streaming Services in general
  • Netflix Marvel Show cancellations
  • Young Justice season 3
  • Lost In Space season 1
  • Troy – Fall Of A City
  • The Bodyguard
  • Daredevil season 3
  • the Aquaman movie
  • Mortal Engines
  • the trailer for A Passage
  • Castlevania season 2
  • Star Wars Resistance
  • Outer Darkness
  • Mister Miracle
  • Heroes In Crisis
  • Red Rising

Further Links and things mentioned


  • Parker Posey’s role in Lost In Space is called ‘Doctor Smith
  • Martin doesn’t own any copy of Mortal Engines. At the date of release he hasn’t changed this fact.
  • Harley Quinn fights with Booster Gold in Heroes In Crisis no.1 (2018)
  • Episode 3 of Titans was written by:
    Richard Hatem & Geoff Johns
    Marisha Mukerjee & Greg Walker

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Star Avengers Episode 4: Solo Effort


Kids and forging bonds kept the boys busy, but here they finally are again, talking about how they saw Marvel’s latest live-action outputs through their prismas.

The Rundown

  • Star Wars Rebels season 4 [trailer]
  • A long chat about Black Panther and The Avengers – Infinity War and how it could continue
  • Venom [trailer]
  • The Predator [trailer]
  • Solo – A Star Wars Story [trailer]
  • Voltron – Legendary Defender season 5 [trailer]
  • Krypton [trailer]
  • Lost in Space (Netflix) [trailer]

Further Links

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