Dongs Of Justice


This epsiodes features the boys chatting about:

  • the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer
  • the Doctor Strange teaser trailer
  • the Star Wars: Rogue One teaser trailer
  • how much they liked Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice
  • the second season of Daredevil
  • how pumped Niv is for the Game Of Thrones season six premiere while Martin stopped waiting for winter to come
  • Martin’s top 5 comic recommendations

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Music courtesy of Savestates

Underoo Banzai

Niv and Martin play catch up by discussing

  • their lack of interest in this years Oscar ceremony
  • the life-action Deadpool movie
  • could more successful R-rated genre movies ruin them?
    (Trigger Warning from 15:42 – 18:48)
  • what they learnt from the latest Captain America trailer (spoiler: that they were wrong)
  • Martin spreads further vitriol over Batman vs. Superman


  • they chat about their guilty pleasure tv shows

Intro/Outro music by Savestates
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