6 – Suicide Squat


We’re back! A little late this time due to a technical hiccup that cost us the original recording of this episode, but here we are again, recreating the magic in a longer talk.

We are talking about:

  • Read
    • Star Wars: Live Debt by Chuck Wendig (US/UK/DE)
    • Star Wars: Aftermath by Chuck Wendig (US/UK/DE)
    • Star Wars: Bloodlines by Claudia Grey (US/UK/DE)
    • Beast by Paul Kingsnorth (US/UK/DE)
    • The Wake by Paul Kingsnorth (US/UK/DE)
    • The Expanse by James Corey (US/UK/DE)
    • World War Z by Max Brooks (US/UK/DE)
      (those are not affiliate links)

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Intro/Outro music is Every Character Is Literally The Same by Savestates

5 – Where is my glorious 80s hair?


The boys are back from the Age Of Apocalypse to bring you an episode of equal size and content!

We’re talking about:

  • X-Men: Apocalypse
  • Independence Day: Resurgence
  • Warcraft (the movie)
  • Star Trek Beyond
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender
  • Ajin
  • The 100
  • Comics
    • DC Rebirth
    • Aquaman Rebirth
    • Captain America: Steve Rogers
    • The Flintstones
    • The Joyners

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    Music comes courtesy of Savestates

4 – Civil Apocalypse


We take a brief break from our exile to talk about:

    • Captain America: Civil War and how much we love it
    • Niv gives Martin an recommendation for Zootopia and The Jungle Book
    • Martin can’t grasp the new Macgyver TV-series
    • and we even get to talk a bit about comics
      • Doctor Strange – Last Days Of Magic
      • Battleworld: Old Man Logan
      • Wonder Woman: Earth One

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Music courtesy of Savestates

Thank you so much for listening!

3 – Dongs Of Justice


This epsiodes features the boys chatting about:

  • the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer
  • the Doctor Strange teaser trailer
  • the Star Wars: Rogue One teaser trailer
  • how much they liked Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice
  • the second season of Daredevil
  • how pumped Niv is for the Game Of Thrones season six premiere while Martin stopped waiting for winter to come
  • Martin’s top 5 comic recommendations

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Music courtesy of Savestates

2 – Underoo Banzai

Niv and Martin play catch up by discussing

  • their lack of interest in this years Oscar ceremony
  • the life-action Deadpool movie
  • could more successful R-rated genre movies ruin them?
    (Trigger Warning from 15:42 – 18:48)
  • what they learnt from the latest Captain America trailer (spoiler: that they were wrong)
  • Martin spreads further vitriol over Batman vs. Superman


  • they chat about their guilty pleasure tv shows

Intro/Outro music by Savestates
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1 – Origins

We are Niv and Martin, two geeks that love US-comics and the media related to it, but did not grew up in the USA.
Meeting over Tumblr a few years ago, we always considered doing something that expresses our enthusiasm for the matter and finally made a podcast happen.

This is the time for superheroes, with all the movies, TV programs and printed product occupying shelf space at your comic shop – and almost every other shop – we might hit a critical mass soon, and people like ourselves might be tired of talking about their hobbies.

In this epsiode we talk about our expectations of the upcoming superhero movie slate, including:

  • Batman vs. Superman
  • Captain America: Civil War
  • Deapool
  • X-Men: Apocalypse
  • Gambit

and about a few comics we have been reading:

  • Vision (Marvel Comics)
  • Shutter (Image Comics)
  • Jem & the Holograms (IDW Comics)
  • Master Keaton (VIZ Media)

Music by Savestates

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