Thank You for checking out our project.

We are Niv and Martin, two geeks that love US-comics and the media related to it, but did not grew up in the USA.
Meeting over Tumblr a few years ago, we always considered doing something that expresses our enthusiasm for the matter and finally made a podcast happen.

This is the time for superheroes, with all the movies, TV programs and printed product occupying shelf space at your comic shop – and almost every other shop – we might hit a critical mass soon, and people like ourselves might be tired of talking about their hobbies.

The Hosts:


An 80’s kid born in Durban, South Africa, he grew up on a steady stream of cartoons and Nintendo. His moral compass was keenly calibrated by The Thundercats and Gummi Bears, and was installed with a thirst for adventure and science thanks to Robotech/Macross, Masters of the Universe, and MacGyver.
He moved to Sydney, Australia in the 90’s which opened him up to a world of wonder in AD&D and comic conventions that were filled with ‘his people’. He got his first taste of reading a comic when a friend gave him the original Maximum Carnage run to pass time at a school sports carnival (sports!) and he went down the slippery slope into comic addiction when that same friend ran out of storage space and give him a massive load of X-Men back issues.
Fast forward through a few years working in China and now relocated to Chicago, USA, he is looking forward to making the most out of life in Gotham City.


Born in Austria in the early eighties, he should not have had any access to the comics and TV shows he was consuming from an early age on.
His mother gave him a book about the history of comics, that she got in her time at school and wasn’t entirely suited for his age. His dad got up early on the weekends to adjust the TV set so that he could watch english language kids TV, which he did not understand a single word of, but saw Macross, Masters Of The Universe, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Thunderbirds, Thundercats and other things years ahead of all the people he would later meet in kindergarden and school. After a long break from comics in the late 90s, spent with D&D and video-games, it was the work published by Vertigo that lured him back into the habit.
He’s currently an obsessive compulsive collector of comics, toys, video-games, boardgames and watches to many japanese TV programs. He is still located in vienna. He never left the continent.