an evening with Jorge Santiago Jr pt2

Artist Jorge Santiago Jr. agreed to visit us in The Exile and talk about his work on one of the latest releases from Action Lab, Spencer & Locke. We also talked about his creator owned work Rare Drops, Requiem Sonata and The Cavern as well as upcoming projects.
But it would not be an Asteroids In Exile episode if we didn’t go off topic and follow the rails our train of thoughts ride on; even if it takes us to a weird movie where Vin Diesel invades comic-con. And of course there is a jab at Dawn Of Justice.

For your listening pleasures we split the episode up into two roughly 90 minute episodes. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we did recording them.

You can find Jorge Santaigo Jr. on the net at these locations:

Everything mentioned



Animes/Animated Features




  • Watchmen was not a riff on the Justice League but used characters derived from Charleton characters to which DC Comics holds the copyright.

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